Welcome to the next EUMETNET workshop of Crowdsourcing: Best Practices and Future Planning in Crowdsourcing

The workshop will be held in Helsinki from 14th to 15th February 2018 (lunch to lunch) at Finnish Meteorological Institute's headquarters (Dynamicum).

This is an internal EUMETNET workshop: attendees are experts nominated by European NMS or international organizations.


First day:

Citizen observations.pptx

Crowdsource workshop 2018 ObsPMTV1.pptx






Workshop CrowdsourcinG FMI 14-15 Feb 2018.pptx


Second day:




The venue

Finnish Meteorological Institute
Erik Palmenin aukio 1
00560 Helsinki
tel. +358 29 539 1000

Info: map, public transportation, connection to airport etc.

The workshop program

Wednesday 14th February

Chair: Juhana Hyrkkänen, FMI

13.00 – 13.10

Opening, Tarja Riihisaari

13.10- 13.30

Future EUMETNET collaboration in the medium range 2019-23, Manuel Palomares (docx)

13.30- 13.50

Update of 'Experiences with data from 3rd parties', Sabine Hafner (EUMETNET & DWD)

13.50- 14.10

Ongoing CS activities at KNMI, Dick Blaauboer (PDF)

14.10- 14.30

Coffee break

14.30- 14.50

First experiences of crowdsourcing at FMI, Ismo Karjalainen (PDF)

14.50- 15.10

Use of crowdsourced obs at FMI weather service, Paavo Korpela

15.10- 15.30

Implementation of WOW-BE and related crowdsourcing activities at RMI, Maarten Reyniers (PDF)

15.30- 15.50

Crowdsourcing and IoT in METEO FRANCE, Gwénaëlle LE BLOA & Emilie Mallet (PDF)

15.50- 16.10

Towards a New Standard in the Field of Crowd-Sourced Weather- and Impact- Observations, Thomas Krennert (ZAMG) (PDF)



16.30-  =>

Social event and buffet at FMI building

Thursday 15th February

Chair: Ismo Karjalainen, FMI

9.00- 9.20

Project AEMET miniMET of Crowdsourcing and IoT, Fernando Asanza ( PDF, Project)

9.20- 9.40

SINOBAS, almost five years of “citizen meteorology” and crowdsourcing of “singular weather” reports, Delia Gutierrez-Rubio (AEMET) (PDF)

9.40- 10.00

10.00- 10.20

Potential and challenges for the use of crowdsourced observations in NWP related activities, Mohamed Dahoui (ECMWF, via WebEx) (PDF)

10.20- 11.40

Coffee and working in groups

Splitting in three groups. Each group will attend every theme for 20 minutes.

Three themes (facilitator):

  • Data sources, sharing and legal issues (Lasse Latva)
  • Data formats (Roope Tervo)
  • Image processing and quality control (Ismo Karjalainen)

 11.40- 13.00

Conclusions, Wrap-up and follow-up of CS activities


End of the workshop

Registration information:

Registration time has ended.


Recommended hotels nearby (PDF)


Head of unit (Observations services)
Juhana Hyrkkänen

Head of group (Observation systems)
Ismo Karjalainen

If you have any questions, you may also write a comment below!

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  1. Anonymous

    Good evening,

    This is Fernando Asanza from AEMET - Spain,

    Last Friday, January 12, I filled and sent you my registration form for this Crowdsourcing Workshop (14~15 of February), and I have a couple of questions about it:

    1. As I didn't receive back any feedback or confirmation about my registration, I ask you for it, please, do you confirm me all is allrigth?
    2. In order to prepair mi presentation about AEMET's miniMET Project, could you tell me how much time approximately would I have for it? And which technical means (PC, projector, etc)? I am preparing an abstract about it for you, will send it this week.


    Best regards,

    Fernando Asanza Fernaud


  2. Hello Fernando & all.

    Let me inform you that our system didn't provide any separate feedback or confirmation of your registrations. We have now got apr. 20 registrations but are still waiting for a couple of latecomers to register. We will work for the program later this week or early next week after the list of participants is finalized. My rough estimate is that a typical length of presentations will be 15 min.


    Best regards

    Juhana Hyrkkänen


  3. Commenting has been disabled due to spam messages. Please, if you have questions, send them to crowdsourcing[at]fmi.fi. We will publish the messages also here, if it is needed.

    Best regards,
    Ismo Karjalainen