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  • Jürgen Helmert (Deutscher Wetterdienst, DE)

  • Aynur Sensoy (Anadolu University, TR)

  • Laura Rontu (Finnish Meteorological Institute, FI)
  • Patricia de Rosnay (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, UK)
  • Samantha Pullen (Met Office, UK)
  • Eric Bazile (MeteoFrance, FR)
  • Ekaterina Kurzeneva (Finnish Meteorological Institute, FI)
  • Elena Shevnina (Finnish Meteorological Institute, FI)

  • Cathleen Tijm-Reijmer (Utrecht University, NL)
  • Jure Cedilnik (Slovenian Environment Agency, SI)
  • David Pulido (Spanish Geological Survey, ES)
  • Niilo Siljamo (Finnish Meteorological Institute, FI)
  • Ilian Gospodinov (National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, BG)
  • Carlo de Michele (Politecnico di Milano, IT)


  1. Questionnaire (discussion)

  2.  Items and subjects from WG3 members (Information exchange, discussions)

  3.  Working group topics for 2016 (discussions and decisions)

  4. Summary and closing

Discussion items

  • content remains unchanged
  • international recipients, not only Europe
  • technical improvements - answers visible
  • inform Snow Watch Team about the questionnaire and ask for distribution
  • inform NWP consortia contact persons about the questionnaire and ask for distribution
  • use mailing list for users of hydrologic models (cryolist) - need classification of models
  • consider questionnaire for offline snow models
Snow data exchange2all
  • Limited data availability on GTS for some countries
  • discussion of ways to improve the situation
  • using COST to encourage national weather services to improve the availability of in situ snow depth reports on GTS
Observation errors2all
  • connection of WG3 with WG1/2
  • additionally errors of data representativeness

Topics for next meetings



  • list of data assimilation issues in NWP centers
  • number of used observations
  • snow models
  • summer school/workshop on data assimilation together with WG1/2 (e.g.
  • comparison of data assimilation methods in a constrained experimental set-up (using common forcing data sets)

  • example: continuity of the PILPS2d model inter-comparison experiment; or the snow counterpart of the GEWEX Project for Inter-comparison of Land Data Assimilation System (PILDAS) for soil moisture
Next phase of the project (Improving data assimilation)3all
  • use ideas formulated in the next phase of the project when H2020 calls are issued
  • could constitute ideas of proposals
  • example "finding a new method for combining observations with conventional in situ snow measurements and modeling results"

Action items

  1. Implement technical improvements  - 20160211: solved
  2. Inform Snow Watch Team (Snow Watch meeting in June 2016) 20160215:  Snow Watch Team contacted (S. Pullen)
  3. Inform NWP consortia contact persons - 20160211: EWGLAM/SRNWP contacted
  4. Use mailing list for users of hydrologic models
  5. First draft of questionnaire for offline snow models
  6. COST statement on snow observation situation in GTS
  7. Ask for COST contribution at ISDA2016