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Welcome to the Agora wiki Space for COST Action ES1404

Agora wiki is a modified Confluence page, prepared by FMI to provide collaboration between members of projects and teams. It is a wiki environment with added social media features, e.g. mentions, likes, comments... You can find the detailed documentation here, although probably you won't need it.

To contribute to the space, you need to login with your account. To create your account, send an e-mail including your full name and organization to Cemal Melih ).

When you get your account, do not forget to set up the e-mail settings of your account to get only necessary e-mails according to your preference.

You can also check out How to Use Agora Wiki to get a brief information using the website.

Cemal Melih Tanis


1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Jürgen Helmert:


    Dear Cemal and colleagues

    Thank you very much for this powerful tool. It includes much more features than expected and agree that it could be helpful to prepare a quick HowTo for the most
    interesting options.
    Please create an account for my email:, organization: Deutscher Wetterdienst, Germany.
    Thank you again for your work.

    Best regards