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A "bug fix" for the latest WOML Core was released today. The only issue fixed in this update is WOML-44. There was on error in defining ReferenceableObjectArrayAssociationType used as type of sharedObjects property in WOML collection types. The intention of this element is to contain any number of identifiable GML objects referenced by more than one element inside the WOML collection. When the same objects (like locations, parameter definitions, valid times etc.) are needed several times within one collection, they can be included only once in the sharedObjects and referenced using xlink:href attributes from other elements.

The ReferenceableObjectArrayAssociationType was defined in the following way:

Schema version 1.0

This did not work as intended however, because the "member" element could only be substituted with elements having that particular element as their substitutionGroup attribute (there were no such elements defined in WOML schemas). The correct formulation for this schema type is :

Schema version 1.1

Now we can use any element having gml:AbstractGML element as their substitutionGroup as the content of elements of this type.

This change was rolled out as a minor update of WOML Core version 2011/03/15, identified by schema "version" attribute value 1.1. This means that the old schema version 1.0 was overwritten with the updated version in the schema file directory. The schema documentation for all the WOML modules was also updated to reflect the change.

Sorry for any inconvenience.