New WOML release 2012-11-15 has been released. The main focus for this release was better support for severe weather warnings, including custom warning areas, and a new feature collection type for publishing the weather warnings and the data for the predicted hazardous meteorological phenomena together as a package.

The new warning-related feature types are part of the WOML Textfct package at least for now, but described in a separate XML Schema file.

Detailed release notes:

The was no release made for the WOML SWO module this time, as there were no changes required. The WOML Quantity was still released even the only changes were the dependency to the 2012-11-15 version of the WOML Core, because it was likely that elements from both WOML Textfct and WOML Quantity namespaces would be used together in same documents. Thus it makes sense that those elements depend on the same version of WOML Core.

List of all the issues resolved in these releases:

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