Mapping to Java

In addition to XML Schemas, also Java object bindings of the schema types were needed for the SmartMet II Workstation project. Apache XMLBeans tool/library is used for automatically building the Java classes from the schemas, as well as reading and manipulating WOML XML data structures. The XMLBeans-generated Java-libraries for accessing data for each WOML module are also available on request.

It's worth noticing that all XML-to-object mapping technologies are not very efficient for handling WOML schemas, because the imported GML schemas are quite big. XMLBeans library maps WOML SWO 2011/11/15 schema referring to WOML Core, GML 3.2.1, ISO, XLink, Dublin Core and XMLDSig schemas to total of 3174 Java files. This amount of Java source files results in approximately 10 MB jar file after compiling. For this reason, the users of WOML should carefully consider the technologies used for handling WOML data. Different technologies may have very different requirements for processing power and memory consumption when dealing with schema mappings of this magnitude.

Server software

Information about different OGC Web Feature Service implementations able to handle Complex GML Feature Application Schemas, like WOML. TBA