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Release notes

  • Major changes in the geometry properties of the line and area objects. The "controlCurve" property of type CombinedSegmentedCurvePropertyType now contains the primary geometry of AbstractLineObjectType objects. For the objects of type AbstractSurfaceObjectType the new primary geometry is in property "controlSurface" of type CombinedSegmentedSurfacePropertyType. These changes harmonize the geometry representation of line and area objects and makes it possible to define a surface area boundary rings using more than one segment. Each segment is either gml:LineStringSegment or gml:CubicSpline. See a separate blog post for further details.
  • The "targetRegion" and "targetRegionReference" properties can now be in any order in complex type AbstractSurfaceObjectType.
  • The "analysisTime" property has been removed from WeatherForecastType. References to weather analysis used for creating a forecast should be given using "usedReferenceData" property with DataSource element containing property "meteorologicalAnalysis" of type MeteorologicalAnalysisReferenceType.
  • The property "model" of the complex type NumericalWeatherModelType has been renamed to "modelIdentifier".
  • The complex types SimpleCubicSplineType and SimpleLineStringSegmentType are now deprecated and no longer used by other WOML types or elements. These types and the corresponding element definitions have been moved into a separate "deprecated.xsd" file. These will probably be completely removed from WOML Core in the future.


Documentation for all the types and elements defined in this schema, as well as GML 3.1.1 and Dublin Core Simple schemas, see

Schema files

The XML Schema files for this version are available at

Java bindings

The Java binding library generated with Apache XMLBeans is available for the interested upon request.