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Release notes

  • Fixes for WOML-25, WOML-18, WOML-21, WOML-15, WOML-17, WOML-23, WOML-19, WOML-22, WOML-16, WOML-13, WOML-20, WOML-14
  • Deprecated SRGBColorType, connected to issue WOML-5
  • NumericalModelHeightReference has been deprecated
  • The coordinateReferenceSystem property is now mandatory.
  • The elevation value can be given either as a single value or lower and upper limit values
  • WOML-12
    • removed "connectionPointMembers" element and ConnectionPointArrayAssocationType type.
    • Added ReferenceableObjectArrayAssociationType and element referenceableObjects.
    • AbstractMeteorologicalObjectCollectionType now has property "sharedObjects" of type ReferenceableObjectArrayAssociationType, no longer "sharedConnectionPoints" of type "ConnectionPointArrayAssociationType"
  • Removed SelfContainedAbstractCurveType, use gml:AbstractCurveType directly even if it does not mandate SRS information attributes
  • Removed SelfContainedAbstractSurfaceType, use gml:AbstractSurfaceType directly even if it does not mandate SRS information attributes

Documentation for all the types and elements defined in this schema, as well as GML 3.1.1 and Dublin Core Simple schemas, see

Schema files

The XML Schema files for this version are available at

Java bindings

The Java binding library generated with Apache XMLBeans is available for the interested upon request.