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Release notes

This is major upgrade including moving from GML 3.1.1 into 3.2.1, removing interpolated secondary geometries and adding support for defining smooth curve segments in for both line and area type objects using gml:Bezier in addition to the existing gml:LineStringSegment and gml:CubicSpline. WOML collections may now only contain WOML objects, and no longer any GML features.

WOML Core now also imports the whole GML 3.2 namespace and not only parts of (the gml311-part.xsd) of the previous versions) which should help the using software to be able to only import the GML namespace once even if it's encountered several times when parsing documents using the same version of GML.

  • WOML-10: WOML Core now builds on GML 3.2.
  • WOML-32: removed property "interpolatedCurve" from AbstractLineObjectType and "interpolatedSurface" from AbstractSurfaceObjectType. It was decided, that optional "redundant-but-not-exactly-same" versions of geometries created more confusion than they were of benefit. For this version onwards there is only one geometry property for line and surface objects. Handling of the interpolated versions if the geometries can be done in application specific manner.
  • WOML-27: You can now also use gml:Bezier for describing curve and ring segments.
  • WOML-37: AbstactMeteorologicalObjectCollectionType no longer extends gml:AbstractFeatureCollectionType, which is deprecated in GML 3.2. The feature collections in GML 3.2 are derived from gml:AbstractFeatureType and have a property of type inherited from gml:AbstractFeatureMemberType. Collection members are now added as values of property "member" and must be inherited from woml:AbstractMeteorologicalObjectType. It's no longer possible to use non-WOML features as members of WOML collections.
  • WOML-35: Restructuring of external data resource references. Removed the woml:DataResourceType and introduced a new type woml:DataSourceReferenceType, which act a head of a substitution group for more specific external resource references. Currently MeteorologicalAnalysisReference, RadarImageReference, SatelliteImageReference, WeatherForecastReference and NumericalModelRunForecastReference (WOML-36) may substitute the DataResourceReference. The primary use for these references in WOML forecasts is to link the used background reference data (like the numerical weather model run) to the created WOML forecasts. The "usedReferenceData" property of woml:WeatherForecastType and woml:MeteorologicalAnalysisType is now of type DataSourceReferencePropertyType and may contain any numer of these references.
  • WOML-33: ValidTimePeriodType was renamed to SimpleTimePeriod.
  • WOML-34: An optional "title" attribute was added to ResourceReferenceType.
  • WOML-28: Alignment with O&M model: It was decided, that woml:WeatherForecast should not be remodeled into specializing OM_Observation. Instead the users are encouraged to use woml:WeatherForecast and woml:MeteorologicalAnalysis or any other WOML objects as contents of "result" property of OM_Observation.

Minor updates

20.4.2011: released version 1.1 of the schemas. Fixed issue WOML-44 "sharedObjects property does not allow any GML elements like it should"

Schema files

The XML Schema files for this version are available at

Java bindings

The Java binding library generated with Apache XMLBeans is available for the interested upon request.