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Release notes

  • WOML-45: Spline curve handling now only supports cubic BSpline curves. The previously available options of using gml:CubicSplineType and gml:Bezier has been removed as impractical. Each curve segment may now be either a gml:LineStringSegment or woml:CubicBSpline ( the latter consisting of "four point" cubic bezier curves).
  • WOML-46: Changed the structure of curve segment arrays for line objects and surface object rings to unambiguously define the segment order. The CombinedSegmentArrayPropertyType was removed and replaced by one or more instances of CombinedCurveSegmentPropertyType each representing one curve segment.
  • WOML-47: Renamed AbstractMeteorologicalObjectCollection to MeteorologicalObjectCollection and made in non-abstract. Renamed AbstractApprovedMeteorologicalObjectCollection to ApprovedMeteorologicalObjectCollection and made in non-abstract.

Schema files

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Java bindings

The Java binding library generated with Apache XMLBeans is available for the interested upon request.