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Release notes

  • WOML-48 & WOML-51: Geometries once again: Only the geometry types in the GML 3.2 are allowed for WOML features. Even though the gml:Bezier is very verbose and possibly problematic (inherited from gml:BSplineType by restriction), it's still a better option than introducing new parallel geomtery types. All the WOML-specific geometry types have been removed, and the selection on possible GML geometry types have been restricted using Schematron rules. For line objects and rings of the surface (area) objects only the following curve segment types are allowed:
    • gml:LineStringSegment
    • gml:Bezier (degree 3, exactly 2 knots with values "1.0" and "2.0" multiplicity of "4" and weight "1.0")
    • gml:GeodesicString
  • WOML-50: It was decided, that WOML modules should keep their own namespaces, and not merged into one namespace. Decent WFS software should be able to handle complex feature types from more than one namespace in one GetFeature response.
  • WOML-52: renamed property "name" in woml:AuthorityType to "localizedName" to avoid name conflict with gml:AbstractGMlType/name
  • WOML-53: MeteorologicalObjectMetaDataType now extends gml:AbstractGMLType
  • WOML-54: Digital signature is no longer attached to (each) Approval, but ApprovedMeteorologicalObjectCollection using property "envelopedSignature". One collection should have one signature even though it may have several Approvals.
  • WOML-56: removed identifier property from DataSourceReferenceType. gml:identifier should be used instead.

Schema files

The XML Schema and Schematron rule files for this version are available at

Java bindings

The Java binding library generated with Apache XMLBeans is available for the interested upon request.

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