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Release notes

  • Updated to use WOML Core version 2010/09/13
  • Renamed complex type ParameterValueAreaType to ParameterValueSetAreaType and ParameterValueAreaPropertyType to ParameterValueSetAreaPropertyType
  • Renamed element ParameterValueArea to ParameterValueSetArea and ParameterValueAreaProperty to ParameterValueSetAreaProperty
  • The new ParameterValueAreaSetType now extends the AbstractSurfaceObjectType by adding property "parameterValueSet" of type GeophysicalParameterValueSetPropertyType and a recursive "innerArea" property. The old ParameterValueAreaType had "parameter", "value" and "elevation" properties, so only one parameter value could be defined for the area. The new structure makes it possible to define a set of single or range valued parameters in one area object.
  • Removed the non-mandatory "elevation" property from complex type GeophysicalParameterValueSetType. Elevation for each parameter value of the set should be given separately, so the elevation of the whole set is not necessary.


Documentation for all the types and elements defined in this schema, as well as GML 3.1.1 and Dublin Core Simple schemas, see

Schema files

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Java bindings

The Java binding library generated with Apache XMLBeans is available for the interested upon request.