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Release notes

  • WOML-26:
    • ParameterValueSetPointType & ParameterValueSetAreaType: there can now be more than one parameterValueSet per object. This is done to enable creating sets with equal elevation ranges for more than one parameter and it's value
    • Moved GeophysicalParameterValueRangeType to deprecated.xsd file
    • New type abstract AbstractMeasureValueType (+property type & elements). Element acts to act as substitution head for different parameter value types
    • Added parameter value types: NumericalSingleValueMeasureType, NumericalValueRangeMeasureType and CategoryValueMeasureType
    • GeophysicalParameterValueType: changed the type of "value" property from gml:MeasureType to womlqty:MeasureValuePropertyType
    • GeophysicalParameterType: one "reference" property is now mandatory, localizedName is now optional. The parameters should be identified by references to extenal catalogs.
  • WOML-4: Added new type FlowDirectionMeasureType. Uses gml:DirectionPropertyType or an undetermined direction.
  • WOML-31: Created new feature types ParameterTimeSeriesPointType and ParameterTimeSeriesAreaType and the corresponding elements. Also created types TimeSeriesSlotType to model a single time slot in the series.


Documentation for all the types and elements defined in this schema, as well as GML 3.1.1 and Dublin Core Simple schemas, see

Schema files

The XML Schema files for this version are available at

Java bindings

The Java binding library generated with Apache XMLBeans is available for the interested upon request.