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Release notes

  • WOML-5: Moved AbstractMeteorologicalSymbolType, FontSymbolType and GraphicSymbolType to deprecated.xsd. Introduced non-abstract MeteorologicalSymbolType and renamed the "knownSymbol" property to more describing "definitionReference".
  • WOML-3: Added several pressure-related objects: LowPressureCenter, HighPressureCenter, PolarLow, Cyclone, Anticyclone, Mesocyclone, Antimesocyclone, Mesolow, PolarCyclone, TropicalCyclone and Ridge. Moved Trough and UpperTrough from swo-front.xsd to swo-pressure.xsd
  • WOML-2: Added objects for warm and cold advection.
  • WOML-8: Renamed Jet to JetStream. Defined an array structure for jet max winds by control curve section.
  • Added new object types for Storm and ConvectiveStorm
  • renamed CloudAreaProperty to cloudAreaProperty


Documentation for all the types and elements defined in this schema, as well as GML 3.1.1 and Dublin Core Simple schemas, see

Schema files

The XML Schema files for this version are available at

Java bindings

The Java binding library generated with Apache XMLBeans is available for the interested upon request.