WOML Text Forecasts schema defines one geospational object TextForecastArea that's derived from womlcore:AbstractSurfaceObjectType. A forecaster can create TextForecastArea objects with forecast information in textual format and include them inside woml:WeatherForecast objects to create regional textual weather forecast. TextForecastArea objects can also be used together with graphical WOML objects like the ones from WOML-SWO schema inside a forecast object collection to create a more comprehensive forecast.

WOML Textfct types (version 2012/11/15)


WOML Textfct schema also contains support for publishing severe weather forecasts to prepare people for predicted and potentially hazardous weather phenomena.

WOML Severe weather warning types (version 2012/11/15)

The causes property lists the tangible causes for issuing the warning using a code list (extreme temperatures, slippery roads, strong winds etc.). The actual predicted values for the predicted phenomena (like the wind speeds, or road surface temperature values) are given using relatedMeteorologicalInfo properties. See severe-weather-forecast_example.xml


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