This version added support for modelling detailed severe weather warnings with WOML. Warning related types and elements were added to Textfct namespace for now, even though they might eventually be migrated to their own namespace. The argument a adding a new warnings namespace is that in a typical case a SevereWeatherForecast feature collection also contains features from the WOML Quantity namespace.

The version is published with namespace

Release notes

  • WarningTextSection and CAPTextSection were removed in favour of using the new SevereWeatherForecast pointing to detailed predicted weather condition info features. The forecast text can still be given as before using the shortInfo and longInfo text properties for the entire forecast, or separate TextForecastArea features.
  • content property of ForecastTextSection was renamed to textualContent, and it's type now has an attribute for annotating the value as manually or machine generated (WOML-63).
  • WOML-68: New feature collection type SevereWeatherForecast was created to support a set of severe weather warnings published at a time.
  • WOML-69: New SevereWeatherWarning feature type was added to model a single weather warning feature. It's geometry type is a MultiSurface, because the target area can be a combination several distinct surfaces. It contains or links to other features containing the predicted weather conditions (feature types from WOML Quantity can be used for example).

Schema files

The XML Schema and Schematron rule files for this version are available at

Java bindings

The Java binding library generated with Apache XMLBeans is available for the interested upon request.

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