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April, 18th and 19th, 2016


Vienna, ZAMG


April, 18th: Together with participants of the Workshop on Remote Sensing Products of Cryosphere using Sentinels (,%20Vienna)

April, 19th: M. A. Sensoy (Turkey), M. Derkova (Slovakia), S. Pullen (UK), C. Menard (UK), M. Sandells (UK), A. Bartsch (Austria), V. Potopova (CZ), M. Olefs (Austria), D. Finger (Iceland), D. Pulido (Spain), R. Salgado (Portugal), G. Heinrich (Austria), J. Helmert (Germany)


  • Snow models
  • Questionnaires
  • SYNOP zero-snow
  • Comparison studies

Discussion items

2016-04-18 16:00Presentation + DiscussionMarc Olefs

Snow model SNOWGRID

2016-04-18 16:40 Presentation + DiscussionDavid Finger

Overview about the impact of snow cover images on the improvement of hydrological modelling

2016-04-18 17:20 Presentation + DiscussionJürgen HelmertSnow models for NWP application
2016-04-19 09:00PresentationWG3 leadersReport about meetings in Helsinki and Erzurum
2016-04-19 09:30Presentation + DiscussionDavid Pulido

Estimation of daily Snow Cover Area in periods without available satellite information (eg. cloudy days, or higher temporal resolution satellite) by using cellular automata

2016-04-19 09:40Presentation + DiscussionSamantha PullenCombined contributions and activities in WG3, contributions by R. Essery
2016-04-19 10:00Presentation + DiscussionMell SandellsCommunity snow microwave scattering model, Snow hydrology and meteorology by N. Rutter
2016-04-19 10:30Coffee breakAll 
2016-04-19 11:00DiscussionAllWG topics: snow models, questionnaires, case studies, zero-snow from SYNOP, Snow issues in climate simulations
2016-04-19 13:00ClosingAll 

Action items

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