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  1. Ali Nadir Arslan

  2. Leena Leppänen
  3. Kairi Vint

  4. Katalin Gillemot

  5. Cemal Melih Tanis

  6. Jürgen Helmert

  7. Külli Loodla

      By teleconference:

  1. Charles Fierz
  2. Giovanni Macelloni


  • Progressing and finalizing deliverables for each working group WG1-3
  • Planning and finalizing WGs and dissemination activities of next Grant Period 5
  • Reviewing dissemination activities

  • Planned meetings for next Grant Period 5

  • Status of snow booklet and funding status and necessary modifications
  • Planned manuscripts

Draft Agenda

18.4.2018-morning (09:00-12:00)

Parallel meetings: WG3, and combined WG1-2 for progressing and finalizing deliverables and finalizing WG activities (including STSMs, workhops or WG meetings) for Grant Period 5

18.4.2018-afternoon ( 13:00-18:00 )

Meeting for dissemination activities

19.4.2018-morning (09:00-12:00)

  • presentations from WG groups
  • presentations of suggested activities of Grant Period 5
  • final selection of activities of Grant Period 5

19.4.2018 (13:00-18:00)

Parallel meetings for exchange information


WG3 issues

WG3 meeting: 2nd International Surface Working Group (ISWG) meeting in Lisbon, Portugal on the 26-28 of June, 2018 at Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera

Feedback from A. Sensoy:

  • Planned meetings for next Grant Period 5, WG3 meetings

Feedback from D. Finger:

  • Dissemination of the field campaigns (the two campaigns in Iceland);
  • Review articles on snow observations and modelling;
  • Dissemination of the survey (see abstract from Jürgen)

Feedback from A. Haberkorn:

  • Link between WG1/2 and WG3 questionnaire (same participantes?) as 16 participants from WG3 questionnaire gave positive feedback for filling out WG1/2 questionnaire



WG3 chapter for ESB, introduction + recommendations, questionnaire results - for format ask Roberta

D4 snow data quality control: measurements - Leena, from DA - WG3 survey section 4.5


TBD in WG3:

  • Quality control of snow data in DA: Exchange information with WG1/2 (questionnaire)
  • From WG1/2 estimates for background error of snow measurements (results from field campaigns)
  • WG3 chapter for ESB, introduction (usage of snow measurements in DA for NWP, Hydrology, Reanalysis), questionnaire results (core results) - for format ask Roberta
  • Snow measurements on frozen bog in Sodankylä - included in ESB : Leena
  • WG3 Review paper: Final version to Ali for distribution to the journal.



>>Draft Minutes


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