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  • Ali

  • Katalin
  • Jürgen
  • Carlo
  •  Vera
  • Martin
  • Leena
  • Ghislain
  • Rui


(A) Manuscript on field campaigns and WG3 questionnaire

(B) Deliverables status

(C) Dissemination questionnaire lead by Katalin

(D) Dissemination workshop led by Ghislain

Discussion items

  • Status of the WG 1&2 related deliverables
  • Finalizing missing deliverables


Discussion on and preparation the field campaign related manuscript

 (A)WG1&2Discussion on field campaign related manuscript (Skype with Nacho)

Status of deliverables:

•    D6 Review report on snow data assimilation techniques and the use of snow observations in NWP, hydrology and climate models.

•    D7 Recommendations on how to get and use conventional snow observations from national networks for data assimilation and model validation.

•    D8 Recommendations about sustainable ways to create snow products for users by combining remote-sensing and conventional snow observations with modelling results.

•    D9 Report on spatial and temporal representativeness errors of snow measurements for DA in NWP and hydrological models.

•    D10 Peer-reviewed publications on advanced DA techniques for NWP and hydrological models.

•    D12 Two topical workshops for addressing the different focuses of the Action

•    D13 Training school on snow measurements and DA.

•    D14 Each of the three working groups will produce a review paper by the end of the Action.

•    D15 Final workshop to summarise, promote and disseminate achievements of the Action, and involving users and stake holders.


 (B)WG3PdR: New BUFR code for real time SWE reporting approved by WMO IPET-CM. Available in November.
 (B)WG3Report from Pre-WG3-meeting at ISWG workshop in Lisbon
   Report from Polar2018 conference

Action items