In case you haven't heard of this already, this is just a short informational notice about the third Workshop on the use of GIS/OGC Standards in Meteorology that will be held at UK MetOffice in Exeter, UK, 15-17 November 2010. The workshop is open to all interested parties regardless of being national meteorological services, research institutes, commercial companies etc. Registration is mandatory however, by 2nd October and it's preferable to prepare a presentation to further the use and understanding of OGC Standards in meteorology domain.

I'm certainly planning to be there, and I'd b pleased to discuss any WOML issues there formally or informally.

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  1. Unknown User (rinne) AUTHOR

    I'm sorry to tell you that I won't be able to make it this meeting after all. Too much other high-priority work at the office (sad) I'm sure the meeting is well worth going if you have any questions or suggestions for using GIS/OGC technologies for implementing met domain services, I've really enjoyed the previous two meetings of this kind.

    1. Anonymous

      Pity we did not meet there!