I finally managed to create the "2010/09/13" release of WOML Core, WOML SWO, WOML Quantity and WOML Textfct schemas. The biggest changes in the Core was redesign of the geometry properties for line and area objects (see my blog post from July 2010 for more details). Unfortunately these changes are not backwards compatible, but it's probably worth the effort to upgrade to the latest version of the schemas, because the geometries are much better defined now. For SWO and Textfct, the only changes were upgrading to use the new Core. In Quantity there was also some harmonization between point and area objects.

For detailed release notes see the release pages of the WOML modules: WOML-Core 2010-09-13, WOML-SWO 2010-09-13, WOML-Quantity 2010-09-13 and WOML-Textfct 2010-09-13. The issues resolved for this release are available in WOML Jira

The next WOML release is planned already for mid-November 2010 featuring the following new capabilities:

  • Reusable geometries, time instances and geophysical parameter definitions. Many objects are typically repeated several times inside a WOML forecast or analysis. Valid times and parameter names (like temperature) are good examples. It will be possibly to include these shared objects in a special section inside a WOML object collection and just to refer to them from elsewhere using their gml:ids.
  • Some new Sensible Weather Object types, such as pressure centers, advection and wind direction indicators. Jet objects will also be extended for defining different maximum wind values along the jet line.

A lot of work to be done within the next month, I hope I've got enough time to do it all.

Feel free to comment any issue or ask any questions about this release or WOML in general. It's obvious that the schemas are still far from complete at this point. Any suggestions for improvements and additions are also warmly welcome.